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as much fun as bondage and chocolate body paint

5 May
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I've been described as lots of things by lots of different people. A freak, weirdo, goth, bitch, whore, slut, faggot, pouf, queerboy, prettyboy, queen, fairy, lover, friend, devil, angel, child. A legion of different people seem to live in one mind, and altogether this mind is me. :) I'm 18 years old. I love slash and yaoi and shounen-ai in all its forms, but particularly in Remus/Sirius (OTP!!!!XDXDXD) and James/Sirius. I have lots of different names so just pick one and call me what you want. Most people call me Kill (short for Killian, which, believe it or not, is my actual name.)

killthepassion <3s your_sex_pixie. w00t!! <3
Thanks Neko for the groovy pic! ^__^