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Aug. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:50 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Joe's Arch Enemy CD, I am allowed to steal his CDs now ^___^
Oh maaaaan, I LOVE THIS PLACE, yes I do...aha. *childish glee*

Joe is asleep on THE NEW SOFA (yesterday exhausted him, I mean cooking an elaborate ['kay, easy but time-consuming] meal for eight people, damn, I can't even cook for one) but I am as awake as a very awake thing. ^^

Anyway. What's been done today? ...not very much. Sofa got dropped off at about 11 but that's it. May or may not invite wankeriffic, Dames, Lily and co. around in the evening, because they haven't seen the place yet. But so far I've been doing very little.

Except, yeah, the good stuff, and yeah, I did contribute to J's current state of physical fatigue a little, a little. ;)

Mostly for furniture and shizzle we are lal sorted (there was a problem yesterday, in that we don't actually have a table) but hell at least now we have a TV. :D It only has terrestrial, but we have channel four, which means we can still watch OMG Lost on Four. :) I love that show.

Ah goddammit I am getting hungry. And all I can cook is toast. (It usually burns.) :) Ah well. I'll wake Joe up in a bit if he's still sleeping and we'll probably call for pizza or something, it's not fair to make him cook again.

I am thinking of getting a job....at the piercing place....:D I asked Sera the manageress (who has the most awesomely green and part-shaven hair evah omgyay) if they had any need for a part-time worker in the downstairs shop. And in the meantime I will see if she will let me sit in on some people getting pierced, and show me how to do it myself. :D So yeah, I might fill out an application. I feel bad because Joe's working at Rockaboom even though he's going to uni, even though I'm just going back to school ('tis my last year of sixth form, though) and I've not even got a job. But that will change.

Speaking of college, I don't want to go back. Ah well. Just one more year, four more major exams. Then that's it and I am in uni as well. I already applied for Notts, but I applied for Loughbourough as well just in case I don't make it. Eeep, what a thought. L.U. looks pretty cool as well, but I have checked out the Notts courses and they are AWESOME, I promise you.

Oooh, speaking of A-Levels, the results come out *tomorrow*. Eeep, eh? O__O Wish me luck.