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Sep. 24th, 2005 @ 12:20 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: bouncy:D
Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 07:39 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: lonelylonely
So I just came back from the hospital. Joe's looking better every day. He even managed a bit of chocolate, hehe. I miss him like hell, though, it's only been a month or so since we moved in together but I'm so used to sleeping next to him that sleeping not next to him is difficult. :( But nevermind.

College sucked today. Nothing was interesting, everything was completely and utterly nondescript, a couple of chavs from - would you believe it? - year fucking 10 were shouting 'faggot' and 'gypsy queer' at me. I swore at them a bit and Melly from Drama yelled back at them to 'leave Kill the fuck alone and grow some hair on your bollocks, you nasty little bastards'. Which cheered me up no end. :) Melly's a real live wire (not to mention very scary). She's just one of those people you don't fucking mess with. If anyone else wore a 'Dykes on Bikes' jacket to college they'd probably get stoned to death, but if anyone tried anything on her they would probably end up deaded. Hehe.

So that small part was a good point. But the year tens themselves - that pissed me off. Everyone else knows me around college and I get on with *almost* everyone with the exception of a few - namely chavs and some of the teaching staff, though it pains me to say it - but the year tens are shits.

Fucking little bastards. If they give me any more shit I'll beat seven bells out of them. I've had much worse shit than this before from much older people than them and gotten through it, so nasty little kids aren't going to upset me. However, they ARE going to piss me off royally. Grrr. >:(

Takes me back, though. I remember a couple of years ago when I got the shit kicked out of me verbally on a daily basis (and that one time when I actually did physically get the shit kicked out of me). Things have moved on quite a bit since. That makes me glad. :)

I miss J. :(
Sep. 20th, 2005 @ 04:51 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: okayokay
Hello everyone. Long time no type. Joe has been very ill. He has somehow managed to catch pneumonia and has spent the past week laid up in hospital. But never fear! He looks dreadful, but he's absolutely fine. The doctors say he is through the worst of it now and should be out in about another week or so, possibly less. *crosses fingers* I've been to see him every day since he got in. I'm just about to take the car (I don't have my licence yet, but ssssh) and go see him. It's a bit scary seeing someone you love in a hospital bed, let alone on a respirator. He's off that now fortunately, and talking - albeit somewhat feverishly, bless him; he's extremely pissed off about not being able to play his guitar. That just proves he's alright. ;)

I hate having to go to school and work while he's ill like this. I skipped school the first couple of days and the ever-wonderful Greg gave me leave from work for the first half of last week. I was sorely tempted to call my own sickie after that so I could go and be with Joe, but he told me off for thinking it and made me go back to school. (Yeah, I was forced to work by an invalid. Hey, I'm weak, I know it. ^__~)

Well. It's been quite a stressful week, to be honest. Poor Joe. :( I'm really glad he's okay, though. I was so worried about him. Just one question, however -


Okay, that's it from me. Off to go see the lovely in a bit. I got him fresh flowers. :)
Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 07:48 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Music: Rammstein - Mein Teil
I looooooove Rammstein.

*does a mini-mosh-thingy*

Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 07:27 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
The Random Question Meme!Collapse )

well that was fun. ^^
Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 04:28 pm Taggéd by prettyinvelvet
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Seven Songs Meme:
#1) Ava Adore (Smashing Pumpkins)
#2) Iconika (Feverf*ck - heads up Reggiebabe! ^__^)
#3) The Optimist (Desperate .99)
#4) Ravenous (Arch Enemy)
#5) Tornado of Souls (Megadeth)
#6) Passive (A Perfect Circle)
#7) Either Aqueous Transmission or I Miss You (both Incubus)

I tag: your_sex_pixie, wankeriffic and sangro_contigo. :D (I only have five friends, hehe, and two of 'em have done it already.)

Anywaysh. I am new jobbing tomorrow afternoon á la Void Clothing. ^^ I heart that shop. Deano gave me the Staff Discount card :D so I may be buying some good new New Rocks as my old 'uns got stolen last year. :( Shame, that, I loved those boots. Anyway, that's a cool thing.

Things be going well indeed. :) This living-without-parents-and-with-Joe thing is tres cool. :)

<3 you all and goodnight.
Aug. 25th, 2005 @ 06:24 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Music: Skinny Puppy - Inquisition
And I now have a looovely new job at Void Clothing. ^^ It's my favourite shop as well. Yay for staff discount.

It is part-time, so starting this coming Monday I will be working after college on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from about 4.30-7.30, and I will be working 12-6 on Saturdays. :) Parfait, no?

Anyway. Today has been enjoyable. Joe's lil sister came round (yay Joolsie!) with her friend Carlie, who I haven't met before but seemed like a sweetie plus she had nice hair so I gave her a hug anyway. (Hope I didn't scare my little sister-in-law's best friend too much, eh? ^__~)
Anyway, that was fun, they had lunch with us on the 'picnic rug' (a.k.a an old blanket) and then, out of the blue, Reg showed up. (You're a fucking 'tard, man. :p) Then we all went out into town for a wee bit to do some shopping. Not that we needed to or could really afford to or anything. Hehe. But nev'mind, eh. It was a nice day - apart from when it was pissing it down. T__T

Anyway. Reg left a couple of hours ago but the girls are staying for dinner. Everyone is in front of the TV now watching some film...ooooooo! SPINAL TAP!

*headbangs for a bit then leaves*
Aug. 23rd, 2005 @ 12:11 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished




I got a B in Drama, an A in Psych, and, GET THIS, AN A-STAR IN BOTH MUSIC AND ART. OMG. I GOT TWO FUCKING A*S! I'm not surprised by the B, but it's still a really good pass mark, so I AM HAPPY.


OHMYGOD. *hyperventilation*
Aug. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:50 pm (no subject)
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Joe's Arch Enemy CD, I am allowed to steal his CDs now ^___^
Oh maaaaan, I LOVE THIS PLACE, yes I do...aha. *childish glee*

Joe is asleep on THE NEW SOFA (yesterday exhausted him, I mean cooking an elaborate ['kay, easy but time-consuming] meal for eight people, damn, I can't even cook for one) but I am as awake as a very awake thing. ^^

Anyway. What's been done today? ...not very much. Sofa got dropped off at about 11 but that's it. May or may not invite wankeriffic, Dames, Lily and co. around in the evening, because they haven't seen the place yet. But so far I've been doing very little.

Except, yeah, the good stuff, and yeah, I did contribute to J's current state of physical fatigue a little, a little. ;)

Mostly for furniture and shizzle we are lal sorted (there was a problem yesterday, in that we don't actually have a table) but hell at least now we have a TV. :D It only has terrestrial, but we have channel four, which means we can still watch OMG Lost on Four. :) I love that show.

Ah goddammit I am getting hungry. And all I can cook is toast. (It usually burns.) :) Ah well. I'll wake Joe up in a bit if he's still sleeping and we'll probably call for pizza or something, it's not fair to make him cook again.

I am thinking of getting a job....at the piercing place....:D I asked Sera the manageress (who has the most awesomely green and part-shaven hair evah omgyay) if they had any need for a part-time worker in the downstairs shop. And in the meantime I will see if she will let me sit in on some people getting pierced, and show me how to do it myself. :D So yeah, I might fill out an application. I feel bad because Joe's working at Rockaboom even though he's going to uni, even though I'm just going back to school ('tis my last year of sixth form, though) and I've not even got a job. But that will change.

Speaking of college, I don't want to go back. Ah well. Just one more year, four more major exams. Then that's it and I am in uni as well. I already applied for Notts, but I applied for Loughbourough as well just in case I don't make it. Eeep, what a thought. L.U. looks pretty cool as well, but I have checked out the Notts courses and they are AWESOME, I promise you.

Oooh, speaking of A-Levels, the results come out *tomorrow*. Eeep, eh? O__O Wish me luck.
Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 09:07 pm omigodmonfire :O
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shoebox_love, enormous kind of poofter, sbp
Current Mood: bouncywooooo la la
Current Music: the sound of myself singing. badly.

*cough* Ahem. Anywayseses.

Whee, me and Joe went to Ireland, to the little cottagey thingy his mother ownses. ^^ It was very cool. Mucho fun. <3

AND GUESS WHAT, we have a flat. ^^ It's awesome. I love it. I can't wait to move in (THIS FRIDAY, people, THIS FRIGGING FRIDAY HAHA).

Woooooooo. Sorry, hyperactive. It's been a busy summer. We have to go back in two weeks. :( I can't believe it's my last year at school, then next year I'm going up to uni as well. I'm just doing my last year of sixth form, carrying on with Music, Drama, Psych and Art (yes, I'm a cliched panysboy drama nerd...AND I once played OMGKINGLEAR!! :O ) A level and then going on to do possibly Music, Art, Psychology and Literature degrees. WOO. (Yeah, I know it's almost two years until I go to uni but I already looked at the prospectus.) Joe is going to uni this year, he is le nervous. Aww. :)

Gack. So hyper. Today was spent drinking those ridiculously coloured drinks (Panda Pops, I think?) and we mixed them together to create amazing colours of amazement. We mixed pink (Red Jelly And Ice Cream) with blue (Blue Raspberryade) to make purple (Purple Jellycreamberryade) and also red (Cherry) with green (Lime) to make...uh...piss yellow, actually. Luvverly. But it tasted gooood. The E-numbers....the high sugar content....mmmmgyaaaaah....*sugargasms and falls into a diabetic coma*

EDIT: Eh? It's not two years until uni. It's one. O__o What's up with me?