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Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 07:39 pm (no subject)
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So I just came back from the hospital. Joe's looking better every day. He even managed a bit of chocolate, hehe. I miss him like hell, though, it's only been a month or so since we moved in together but I'm so used to sleeping next to him that sleeping not next to him is difficult. :( But nevermind.

College sucked today. Nothing was interesting, everything was completely and utterly nondescript, a couple of chavs from - would you believe it? - year fucking 10 were shouting 'faggot' and 'gypsy queer' at me. I swore at them a bit and Melly from Drama yelled back at them to 'leave Kill the fuck alone and grow some hair on your bollocks, you nasty little bastards'. Which cheered me up no end. :) Melly's a real live wire (not to mention very scary). She's just one of those people you don't fucking mess with. If anyone else wore a 'Dykes on Bikes' jacket to college they'd probably get stoned to death, but if anyone tried anything on her they would probably end up deaded. Hehe.

So that small part was a good point. But the year tens themselves - that pissed me off. Everyone else knows me around college and I get on with *almost* everyone with the exception of a few - namely chavs and some of the teaching staff, though it pains me to say it - but the year tens are shits.

Fucking little bastards. If they give me any more shit I'll beat seven bells out of them. I've had much worse shit than this before from much older people than them and gotten through it, so nasty little kids aren't going to upset me. However, they ARE going to piss me off royally. Grrr. >:(

Takes me back, though. I remember a couple of years ago when I got the shit kicked out of me verbally on a daily basis (and that one time when I actually did physically get the shit kicked out of me). Things have moved on quite a bit since. That makes me glad. :)

I miss J. :(